Circular Economy

How it works

A circular economy aims to recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of their life, by mechanisms which provide both environmental and economic benefits.

In 2015, The European Commission produced an EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy. The proposed actions by the EU encourage greater recycling and re-use of materials.

Over recent years, significant investment has been made by ELT management companies and recyclers to develop new end-markets for tyres rather than just using them as fuels. Tourian offers an alternative approach to management of ELT by conversion of the rubber into useful chemical products and fuels.

As the automotive market continues to expand, the global demand for tyres is expected to rise by 4% per year through 2022 and there will be an increasing demand for tyre recovery and recycling. The role of recycling will become crucial toward reaching circular economy objectives.

Research and development projects, such as that being undertaken by Tourian, are vital to find sustainable recovery options for ELTs and help progress toward a Circular Economy.

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